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The Game

Brimstone Brawlers is an action packed arena beat’em up, where players battle it out as peculiar characters dwelling in the fantasy industrial city of Brimstone. Smack projectiles out of the sky, combine chemicals to discombobulate your enemies and hurl sinister spells to melt their souls! Beware of your surroundings while brawling; rampant machinery, dangerous drops and environmental hazards lurk around every corner. You wouldn't want to fall to your death or stand in some plague ridden street muck!

Ability Interaction

Projectiles collide with each other, fire can ignite arrows, fire will also set off explosions and chemicals even combine creating stunning effects.

Taunts & Trash Talk

Each brawler in Brimstone has their own personality. Outplay your friends, dominate the battlefield and then use emotes and taunts to trash talk to prove you’re the best.


There is something in the food! Eat the pie to unleash powerful abilities allowing you to turn your enemies into mush.


In Brimstone, there are no traditional heroes or villains. Players step into the shoes of unconventional, uncouth and unhinged characters. From hired hunters to measly shop keepers, there are plenty of unique brawlers roaming the streets ready to battle