0.0.100 The Traveller’s Coming


  • Large reworks of netcode – decreasing bandwidth usage and latency.
  • A 5 second cooldown has been added to the Attention Bell in the character select screen.


Alchemist Store

The Alchemist Store is making its first appearance in this build of Brimstone! We are testing basic layout of this map and there will be many more updates to come!



The Boxer has undergone some large design changes, with reduced cooldown times to enable faster weaving of combos. To balance this, most of the status effects of his abilities and combos have been reduced, creating a faster paced play style. We are still zeroing in on some of the numbers so keep the feedback coming in!

  • Cross Knock Back reduced by 50%.
  • Uppercuts Knock Up has been reduced by 30%.
  • Super Cross Knock Back reduced by 30%.
  • Discombobulates Stun duration reduced to 1 s (down from 1.8s).

Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor has been simplified, streamlining some of his abilities to make him more fun and engaging to play.

  • Leeches will no longer steal buffs from from brawlers hit.
  • Wax Coat will now dispell debuffs and place them in the Plague Doctor’s next Leeches ability. New “success” animation added if a debuff is captured.


  • Global cooldown for all abilities increased to 1s (up from 0.5s).
  • Apparition can now be cast ignoring the Global Cooldown. This will allow players to react a lot faster.
  • Haunts max bounce count reduced to 2 (down from 3).

Bug Fixes

  • Gravy Train slow can now be dispelled.