0.0.102 – Change is strange.

0.0.102 – Change is strange.

**You may need to delete your “\AppData\Local\BrimstoneBrawlers\Saved” folder if keybinds are broken!**


  • Updated UI and HUD elements for online matches (these are still WIP).
  • Added chat window mid match, accessible by pressing Enter (click to chat disabled mid game).




  • Store/Mix Potion cooldown reduced to 1s (down from 2s).
  • Reduced Purple Potion knockback by 25%.



  • Pyrogood radius increased to 110 (up from 90).



  • New version of Boxer has been added, temporary called Turbo Boxer.
  • Combos mechanic has been removed.
  • Side Step will now trigger a combo finisher for 3s after it is used.
  • Casting Side Step 3 times in a row will trigger flurry if a combo finisher is used.



  • Picking up a thrown cleaver will no longer trigger Super Cleave. It will now remove up to 2s off the cooldown of the Butcher’s next Throw Cleaver ability.
  • Throw Cleaver’s bleed damage reduced to 2 dpt (down from 5) and its duration has been reduced to 5s (down from 8s).
  • Picking up a thrown cleaver now instantly causes 2x the remaining damage left and triggers GCD.
  • Peculiar Haunch self targeting now slows the Butcher by 50%.



  • Manor visual update.

Bug Fixes

  • Left player frames will now sort by kills in brawl matches.