0.0.104 – Righteous Fire


  • Buffs can now change the duration of crowd control effects.
  • Hiding HUD will now also hide combat text and chat.
  • Players can now view brawler information while set to “ready” in local games.



(New) Battle Priest 

The Battle Priest has entered the city, ready to purge it with righteous fire.


  • Judgment – A massive hit causing 20 damage with a slow cooldown.


  • Divine Reckoning – Hurl a divine projectile towards the enemy 15 damage and 1.5s  stun.


  • Consecration – Consecrate the land you stand on, dealing 10 damage to enemies while healing friendly targets for 5 every 0.5s


  • Holy Shield – Defend yourself with a holy shield, reducing all damage and crowd control by 50% while granting Knockback Immunity.


  • Lights Bulwark – (Likely to change) – Grants total Immunity for all team members for 4s.


  • Righteous Favor – Grants the Battle Priest a Righteous Favor every 5s, causing the next Judgment to deal 30 while applying Large Knockback.



  • Brambles will now lash out at the start of Barbed Growth instead at the end of its duration.


  • Bloodwind will now cast on button press instead of release.

Witch Hunter

  • Health increase to 180 (up from 160).



  • Alchemists Store – trains added.
  • Underground Gym – visuals updated.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where playing a local match before an online session would set camera to shared.