0.0.105 – Eldritch Tides


  • Split Keyboard & Mouse and Gamepad controls into different menus (may require reset of input config).
  • End game score will now correctly display deaths.
  • Unlocking the camera will now persist through matches.
  • Added Thumbstick Deadzone to Gamepad control settings.


(New) Traveller

The Traveller has entered the city and is doing everything to leave as soon as possible.

  • Swing

Swing your bag around dealing 15 damage.

  • Whip (Eldritch Form)

Whip enemies for 15 damage.

  • Lantern of Ctasphfith

Swing the Lantern of Ctasphfith in an arc, enemies hit are stunned for 1.5s.

  • Caustic Ink (Eldritch Form)

Spray caustic ink at enemies, dealing 5 damage every 0.2s for 1 second while causing small Knockback to enemies caught in the spray.

  • Flail

Flail in a cone in front of the caster, dealing 8 damage every 0.2s for 1s.

  • Eldritch Wind (Eldritch Form)

Spin violently with eldritch powers, launching forward dealing 10 damage while causing small Knockback to enemies.

  • Eldritch Form

Launch into the air, breaking free of Crowd Control while bursting into Eldritch Form.

  • Ctasphfith Surge (Ultimate)

Use the Lantern of Ctasphfith to augment Caustic Ink, causing 5 damage every 0.2s while causing medium Knockback to enemies.

Battle Priest 

  • Balance updates.
  • Swapped ability positions of Consecrate and Holy Shield.


  • Reverted Brambles so that they attempt a melee hit at the end of Barbed Growth.

Plague Doctor

  • Reduced Wax Coats duration to 2s (down from 2.5s) and removed its ability to apply captured buffs to enemies.

Wraith (Rework)

  • Reap

A wide reaching slash with your scythe, dealing 12 to enemies while reaping any Souls which are hit.

  • Rend Soul

Cast a wide spell projectile which deals 15 damage and causes Rend Soul.

  • Defile

Defiles all Souls currently bound to the wraith causing damage based on the number of souls being defiled. (Soul Count x 10 + 10 damage).

3 + Souls will also cause Medium Knockback.

  • Apparition

Enter the realm of death for a short period, becoming immune to all abilities. You gain a slight speed boost and can pass through other beings while Apparition is active. Passing through Souls will collect them healing the Wraith for 10 hp.

  • Summon Damned 

Rips the damned from the underworld, binding 6 new Souls to the Wraith.

  • Soul Reaping

Hitting Souls with the Reap ability will cause 15 damage to the owner, binding them to the Wraith. Bound souls will deal 3 damage to anyone they pass through.

Bug Fixes

  • Many.