& – Chamber and numbers. & – Chamber and numbers.


  • Teams now have names and will no longer be called “Red” and “Blue” Teams in online games. (This is still a work in progress and some UI elements are still incorrectly coloured).
  • Added a Return to Lobby button to the in game menu, allowing the server to return to the lobby. This is a temporary fix until in game voting is enabled.
  • Slapping Glove is now immune to skills.
  • Normalized Explosive Barrel damage. Barrels will now do more consistent damage which has been increased to 50 (up from 30). Shrapnel will now take a moment to prime, decreasing the chance of it hitting a melee ranged brawler. 
  • We have reduced 4 (work in progress) maps back to their block out to allow alpha testers to try them out. We have done this so the art style of each map is still a surprise once they are finished.
  • Players will now be grouped by teams in the lobby.
  • We have not added any new secret team game modes to this build.
  • Meteor.
  • Netcode optimisations.


  • The ball can now be stunned. All damage done while the ball is stunned will be combined together. Once the stun is complete the ball will launch in the direction of the last hit.
  • Ball damage to velocity curve updated, lower end hits will cause less velocity.



  • Divine Favour proc will no longer take priority over other abilities.
  • Consecrate will now only spawn collisions if it is cast off the edge of a map. (Work in progress, more updates to come).


  • Updated Satchel charge skill info.
  • Satchel charge cooldown increased to 4s (up from 3s).


  • Brambles health will now fall at a much faster rate.
  • Brambles ranged damage increased to 10 (up from 7).
  • Brambles will no longer body block players.
  • Ironvines can no longer be cast while disabled. Ironvines will now reflect 10 damage per hit. (Max every 0.2s). 


  • Bloodwind cooldown increased to 5s (up from 4s).
  • Updated ability tooltips.


  • Updated Reap Souls tooltip to properly display “10 damage”.


Chamber (New)

  • Chamber is the latest map to be added to the alpha. This map is designed for smaller match sizes with a focus on 1v1 and 2v2 gamemodes. 

Alchemist Store

  • Players will no longer be able to walk off camera in online matches.


  • Notice boards will no longer drop items.


  • Updated the collisions on the ropes to make jumping out easier.