• Spectator Mode added!
    • Players will now automatically be set to spectator on entering an online match.
    • Spectator Free Cam will slowly be added to each map. It is currently active on Chamber so give us feedback!
  • Ultimates will now slowly charge throughout the match by doing damage and healing. This is an early implementation of this system and we will be developing and balancing it further.
    • Currently the charge will reset on death – this is not finalised and it will likely persist across lives.
    • Hitting the new Brimstone Meteor will give plays 10% charge per hit. The last hitting brawler will receive max ultimate charge.
  • Lobby UI updates including lobby chat window fix.
  • Players will no longer gain full lives when rejoining a match after they have disconnected.
  • Overhealing will no longer count towards score.



  • Ultimate collision height has been doubled.


  • Ultimate stun duration has been reduced to 1.5 (down from 3s). More to come.