Over the last two months we have been developing backend systems which unfortunately means there is slightly less content coming out this weekend. We are hard at work preparing the game to make sure we can implement future systems such as dedicated servers, matchmaking, profiles, experience, cosmetics and more!


  • Player speed has been tweaked slightly across the board.


General (Bamball)

  • Spawn points now only exist at the center line at the top of the map. We found that spawning brawlers using the existing system would create unfair situations mid game. By spawning players in the middle there is no clear advantage or disadvantage if the ball is on one side of the field or another.



Bamball Field (New)

  • Map added in testing mode. This field is in the middle of Brimstone and will feature in the tutorial map.


Bamball Sewer (New)

  • Map added in testing mode. This map has been developed based off the same assets of the new Chamber map. It differs from existing Bamball maps as you can knock players off the edge and through the goals!



  • Updated fountain and hedge props in the middle of the map.
  • New Ultimate Meteor mechanic added.



  • Updated luggage and chair prop placement to create more space for brawling.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where playing solo game modes after Bamball would cause errors with map selection via gamepads.
  • Many more.