0.1.2 Ghost Trains!


  • Performance increases across all maps.
  • Server browser updates.
  • Brawler information can now be viewed in game. This is bound to F1 by default but check the keybindings menu.
  • Players can now select shared camera in online games if desired.
  • Lobby settings menu updated.
  • Servers will now display the number of players correctly.
  • “Return to Lobby” button will now correctly display while playing online and in a match.
  • Controllers can now exit the Entry Message screen.



  • Orange Flask damage increased to 40 (up from 30).



  • Updated Lights Bulwark tooltip to include immunity to crowd control.



  • Mortar Bomb fuse vfx will no longer turn off while running backwards. (Thanks You Fools).



  • Melee Haunch and Melee Punch attacks now deal 16 damage (up from 12 and 10).



  • Ironvines reflect damage will correctly count as the Countess’ damage for kill attribution. 
  • Brambles will now decay 50% slower.



  • Engineers Ultimate will now spawn in Bamball maps.


Plague Doctor

  • Default ability keys fixed.


Witch Hunter

  • Ability descriptions have been updated.



  • Fixed visual bugs with ultimate spawn.
  • Removed item spawns from the platforms.
  • The middle train has been updated to change the layout of the map every 30-60 seconds with added item and barrel carriages.