0.1.4 Updates are cool


  • Spawn buff will now make players immune to all crowd control and knockbacks.
  • Damage over time effects will no longer count towards kills or Bamball goals.
  • Default Master Volume is now set to 0.5 for fresh save games.
  • Fixed bug where skills would sometimes interact with dead brawlers.
  • Fixed bug where skills with “active” components would sometimes face the player to the top left.
  • Ragdolls will now last longer.
  • Ghost Train collisions have been fixed.
  • Players will no longer be able to jump on top of the ultimate shard.

User Interface

We are in the process of updating the games main user interface and other visual aspects of the game.

  • F1 menu will now correctly display brawlers abilities if Random was selected.
  • Adjusted UI elements on character select screen to stop overlapping characters.


  • Bamballs will now correctly collide with crates and barrels.
  • Fixed issue where players could launch Bamball without hitting it.
  • Engineers Ultimate will now work correctly on Bamball Riverside.
  • Reduced the number of glove crates on Bamball Sewer.

Steambot Smash

  • Significant Steambot Smash performance increases.
  • Steambots will now stop moving while they are stunned or launched.
  • Fixed bug where entering a Steambot Smash challenge after playing brawl would give player a single life.
  • Fixed crate collision to stop users standing on crates.
  • No limit to Steambot spawns.


  • Divine Reckoning will now hit meteors.


  • Bounce Bomb visual updates.
  • Satchel Charge visual updates.
  • Pop Rocket visual updates.


  • Ironvines reflect damage visual updates.

Plague Doctor

  • Delusional End now has improved graphics and will only target alive players.

Map Updates

  • Summer Smash map changes.
  • Performance increases on Station.
  • Fixed collisions at the bottom of Station.