Dev Update 0.06


  • Large code changes to level and variable persistence – please report any new bugs relating to scores/round variables etc.
  • Player frame updates. Online and local matches now have different HUDs. In online games the local player frame is large and sits in a constant position.
  • Spectator names will now be visible next to player frames.
  • Ready state now displays on characters in lobby as well as ready animation.
    Camera focal distance adjusted so all characters are in focus.
  • Focus target check is smaller and will now only be active when an ability initiates it.
  • Fixed physics on clients for spawnable props such as crates and barrels.
  • Ultimate Pie: Significant performance updates.
  • Health: Once a player has taken damage equivalent to 20% of their max health their max health is reduced to current health +20%max.
  • The goal of health changes is to stop the snowballing effect of a winning player getting up to max health while another is player is dead, thus furthering the advantage.


  • Bugfix – Camera was zooming out for Courtyard fx.
  • New environment art.
  • Fixed collisions.


  • Significantly increased projectile speed for Flask and Liquid
  • Momentum.-Reduced bounce count on Flask to a single bounce.
  • Casting delay on Turtleshell Tonic reduced from .5 to .2 seconds, the tonic now only heals for 30% of damage caused.
  • Changed colours of abilities to help colour blind players differentiate between flasks
  • Added electrical fx to Liquid Momentum.


  • Slight increase projectile speed for Vampiric Spines.


  • Animations will now correctly play while moving.


  • Lasting Strike: Reduced stagger to 30% and added 0.3 ramp up instead, this should assist with ability visuals and balance.
  • Dodge: Animation will now follow the dodge direction and fixed networking issues regarding visuals.