Alpha 0.0.93



– New hardware cursor during matches.
– Steam VR will no longer start up on loading the game.
– Players will now be sorted by lives remaining in Death Match game mode.
– Emotes will no longer cancel ability animations.
– Fixed gamepad input deadzones.



  • General
    • Pick up items are now more visible when spawned.
  •  Oil Lantern
    • Will now have more consistent effects
  •  Grappling Hook
    • Added



  • Farm
    • Windmills will now be at consistent rotations on all clients.
  • Courtyard
    • Brawlers will no longer hit their heads when travelling on the crane lift.
  • Tavern
    • Collisions fixed on cart.
  • Station
    • Brawlers will no longer be able to fall between carriages.
    • Train will now arrive and leave the station twice as often.
  • Rooftops
    • Fixed collision near barber shop roof.




  • Throwing a cleaver while super cleaver is charged will reset the super cleaver.
  • Fixed timing issue on super cleaver not activating if the cleaver was picked up in melee range.


  • Satchel Charge
    • Will now cause damage to environment objects
  • Mortar Bomb
    • Will now explode instantly on contact with destructibles such as crates and barrels.