Alpha 0.0.96


  • Teams Added!
  • Health Bars will now display 50 hp chunks.
  • Projectiles will no longer collide with dead brawlers.


  • Removed aim assist on all projectile items.
  • Removed gravity from Duelling Glove.
  • Pies hit count will now be shared between team members.



Liquid Momentum will now speed up friendly targets and slow down enemy targets.
Flask puddles will no longer damage friendly brawlers.


  • Ultimate meat will now last 24 seconds before spoiling. (Up from 8 seconds).
  • Add sfx to melee hits.


  • Thorn now does 15 damage (Up from 14).
  • Ironvines no longer triggers global cooldown once its finished.
  • Ironvines Recast/Completion, Ironvines now causes all Brambles to lash out at brawlers in melee range causing Heavy Knockback.
  • Ironvines will now ignore GCD on cast and can be cast while disabled.


  • LMB: Damage increase to 15 (up from 14) and will no longer cause stagger when used..
  • Launch: Reduced the damage done by the second hit on launch to 10 (down from 20).
  • Leviathan: Artillery shells will now fall twice as fast and significantly lead the Engineer, effectively doubling the range and area of damage.

Witch Hunter

  • Holy Hand Grenade now properly heals the Witch Hunter for 120 hp. It will now also heal friendly targets for the same.
  • Holy Hand Grenade updated visuals.