Alpha – Alchemical Plague Fire!!!


  • The camera will now default to solo cam in online games unless change by the host in the character select screen.
  • Scoreboards will now properly list players based on their survival time in Death Match and Team Death Match.
  • Friendly kills will no longer count towards kill count in team game modes.
  • Scores will now only update during game play, players will no longer be able to pad scores at the end of the match.
  • Physics updates which allow better ragdolling of brawlers once they are knocked out.


  • Removed Farm and Tavern maps from the game.
  • Observatory(WIP) map has been added for testing.


  • Selecting characters will now be smoother for players with high latency.
  • Voting for maps will now be smoother for people with high latency.



The Alchemist has had a full rework focusing on mixing potions before throwing them.

  • Throw Potion: Throws the right hand potion.
  • Switch Potion: Toggles what potion is active right hand. Self targeting will reverse through the selection.
  • Store/Combine Potion: Store a potion in the left hand. If a potion is already active in the left hand, attempt to combine them into a greater mixture.
  • Toxic Fumes: Tap open a cask full of toxic gas leaving behind a trail of choking fumes derived from the active potion colour.
  • Rupture: Slam a cask of toxic gas causing it to rupture. Warning may cause massive chemical explosion.


  • Combo Rework


  • Gravy Train will now apply a 2 second slow rather than a 1 second stun and can only hit brawlers a maximum of 2 times.


  • Fixed a bug where Vampire would continue aiming forward for a moment after Hungering Leap was cast.