Patch – The Big Update


  • Camera
    • Camera system has been reworked.
    • The camera will now default to solo cam in online games unless change by the host in the character select screen.
  • Game Modes
    • Fixed an issue where players would spawn on top of each other at the start of the round.
    • Added Damage Done and Healing Done stat tracking.
    • Increased the time the match stays open on the score screen.
    • Friendly kills will no longer count towards kill count in team game modes.
    • Scores will now only update during game play, players will no longer be able to pad scores at the end of the match.
  • Game Play
    • Fixed an issue where some abilities would cast after a stun.
    • Gaining an Ultimate will now Critical Heal all team members for 50 (Critical Heal’s return max HP).
  • User Interface
    • Scoreboards will now properly list players based on their survival time in Death Match and Team Death Match.
    • Chat has been added to brawler select screen.
    • The kill feed will now display the names of players.


  • Courtyard visual rework.
  • Station complete overhaul.


Oil Lantern

  • Dev note: Currently the Oil Lantern is an extremely strong item for area denial by design. Slight tweaks to the area is to bring it in line with other items and the damage reduction is to reduces its offensive ability.
  • Damage and area has been reduced.
  • Reduced the possible spread of Oil Lantern fire by 50% while the initial damage caused by stepping on the fire has been halved. The damage over time remains the same.


  •  Increased velocity by 20%.


  • Dev note: The Teleporter is the newest item to be added to the game. Since its last release its mechanics really only lead to defensive uses (such as teleporting out of a fight). We are updating its mechanics in hopes of allowing it to be used offensively or defensively as required.
  • The Teleporter will now hold the brawler in place in an alternate dimension while it breaks down their body and rips out their soul. A new soul will enter the freshly constructed brawler at the target location after a short duration.
  • Reduced charge up time to 0.5 seconds down from 1 second.



  • Dev note: We are not happy with how the Alchemist is currently playing. While he is able to output a lot of damage over time and deny large areas of the map, he has no “kill” ability. We are adjusting damage in different parts of his kit to enable some up front alpha damage while still keeping the Alchemist fantasy.
  • Throw Flask: Increased velocity on flask but removed residual pool of acid.
  • Liquid Momentum: Combining Liquid Momentum with acid damage will now cause a reactive explosion for 10 acid and 10 electricity damage (up from 5 and 5) with slightly increased range.
  • Item and Stunned animations have been added.


  • Item and Stunned animations have been added.


  • Dev note: We are looking into making the Butcher’s damage more readable by moving some damage around his abilities. Overall the Butcher will receive a slight damage reduction, but will have higher damage alpha. 
  • Super Cleave: Reduced charge up to 0.4 (down from 0.5s).
    • Super Cleave will no longer leave a DoT on hit.
  • Throw Cleaver: Reduced charge up to 0.2s (down from 0.3s).
    • The Cleaver’s DoT will now tick do an extra tick over 5 seconds. (4 up from 3).
    • Once a Cleaver is pulled out of an enemy brawler, it will the deal remaining DoT damage as an instant burst.
  • Peculiar Haunch: Reduced charge up to 0.2 (down from 0.4s).
  • Gravy Train will now apply a 2 second slow rather than a 1 second stun and can only hit brawlers a maximum of 2 times.


  • Dev note: We like the Vampires skill set but would like to add more rewards for high skilled play. We are moving away from flat damage reduction, instead adding a significant amount of Life Steal to the entire kit.
  • Hungering Leap’s damage reduction buff has been reduced to 1s (down from 4s).
  • Vampiric Spines now create a stacking buff which returns 10% of the Vampires damage done as life steal over 5 seconds.
  • Item, Taunt and Stunned animations have been added.

Witch Hunter

  • Item and Stunned animations have been added.


  • Item and Stunned animations have been added.