Alpha Alchemical Plague Fire 2

Alpha Alchemical Plague Fire 2


  • Joining a new lobby will now assign a random brawler.
  • Added random brawler selection in lobby.
  • Selected brawlers will now persist through games.
  • Fixed bug where mouse interaction would disable after using a gamepad in the same play session.
  • Blood decals will be orientated correctly.
  • Local and online games will now have the same camera angle.


  • Brawlers will no longer spawn in locations occupied by other brawlers or residual abilities.
  • Fixed bug allowing items to be thrown while stunned.
  • Team kills with now add negative kill score.
  • Damage done to team members is no longer counted towards score.
  • Explosive barrels now cause Small Knockback.
  • Buffs and debuffs will correctly display refreshes on brawlers.


  • Teleporter will now correctly Fizzle Out on clients.


  • Courtyard:
    • Top right Plague Barrel will now correctly destroy the ground.
    • Plague Barrels hp reduced to 50 (down from 100).


  • Poison gas sound effects will now end when the Alchemist dies.


  • Cleave will now cause a Small Stun while a haunch is out, while knocking back when no weapon is equipped.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Butcher to slide after casting Gravy Train.


  • Bramble melee hit increased range and now does 30 damage (up from 10).