Day 1(ish) Patch!

Thanks for all the feedback that has been flowing in, its been great! I have taken a lot of it on board and you’ll be able to see the changes in the patch notes below.

In regards to “the camera being too close” I have heard you loud and clear. I have now increased the cameras distance by 20% and even added a zoom feature!




  • Activating an Ultimate will now disable gaining addition charge for 5 seconds. Last hitting the meteor will still grant full charge during this period.
  • Added particles to the Ultimate Meteor to help guide players when it is off screen.
  • Ultimate meteor has had significant performance optimizations.

Game mode and settings

  • Changing gamemode rules will now “unready” all players.
  • New gamepad setting to assign the first connected gamepad to player 2, allowing player 1 to use mouse and keyboard.
  • Fixed issue where players 11 + 12 wouldn’t load into the lobby.


  • Increased max camera distance
  • Added camera scroll (default bound to scroll wheel but can be changed in menu).


  • Chat menu will now render above map vote screen.
  • Fixe bug where player names would stretch side scoreboard frames.
  • Side scoreboard frames will now properly sort based off gamemode.
  • Scoreboards will now properly sort based off gamemode.
  • Updated Brimstone Brawlers desktop icon.




  • Rapture will now grant the Alchemist invulnerability for its cast duration.


  • Peculiar Haunch will now burst if an enemy runs over it, dealing 15 damage.


  • Mega Rocket will now cause Bomber to be invulnerable for its duration.
  • Mega Rocket bombs will now do the correct splash damage when hitting a brawler directly.
  • Fixed jump and land animations.


  • Wild Sprout can now be used off ledges. It will have reduced effectiveness the further from the ground you are.
  • Ironvines will now make Countess immune to knockbacks.
  • Crimson Overgrowth will now make Countess invulnerable for its duration.

Plague Doctor

  • Self casting Raven Dash will cancel its teleport effect.


  • Sanguinesis will now cause the Vampire to be invulnerable for its cast duration and correctly do damage.

Witch Hunter

  • Holy Hand Grenade will now correctly heal team members.


  • Rend Soul will now correctly display the Bamball’s soul… wait what?




  • Removed glove box spawn.


  • Shared camera will now be forced on.



  • Stun Grenade now deals 10 damage (up from 5).


Steambot Smash

  • Fixed collisions at edge of stairs.
  • Soundtrack be selected by random.
  • In-game menu will now pause Steambot Smash.
  • Added “Restart Challenge” button to in-game menu.
  • Reduced lobby countdown duration.


Target Trash

  • Fixed bug in sound fx for destroying targets.