Dev Update 0.90


  • Added graphics settings.
  • Can now rotate characters on character select screen.


  • Stuns now have diminishing returns. This causes diminishing effects for stun duration (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) which will reset within 5 seconds of the last stun.
    • This change has been added due to the upcoming TDM game mode.


  • All Ultimate Abilities are now more powerful.
  • Weapons will no longer count for hit boxes.
  • Butcher now released.


  • Throw Flask:
    • Reduced cooldown to 0.8s (down from 1.2s).
    • Reduced direct hit damage to 10 (down from 15).
    • Reduced DoT effect to 2 damage per second (down from 3).
  • Liquid Momentum:
    • Brawlers afflicted by acid flask damage over time effect will now trigger pools of Liquid Momentum on contact.
    • Will no longer stun the brawler who ignites it.
  • Rupture (Ultimate):
    • Range greatly increased.
    • Now caused severe knockback.


  • Pop Rocket:
    • Damage more consistent – it will now damage things at point blank range as well.
  • Bombardier (Ultimate):
    • Now grants significant air speed increase.
    • Air control while rocket is active is significantly reduced. (Careful trying to land!)


  • Cleave:
    • Will do damage based on current items. (16 Cleaver, 12 Haunch, 8 Fists)
    • Mega cleave (triggered on pickup of cleaver) deals 40 damage.
  • Throw Cleaver:
    • Damages first struck brawler applying residual DoT.
    • The Butcher can grab the cleaver back out of a brawler to enable mega cleave.
  • Throw Haunch:
    • Stuns the first brawler hit. (Does not apply diminishing returns for stuns.)
    • Can be eaten using self target or by being picked up.
  • Gravy Train:
    • Stuns and damages targets hit in proximity to Gravy Train.
  • (Ultimate):
    • Sorts through bag trying to find something.


  • Duelling Glove:
    • Now slaps hit Brawler dealing large damage and severe knockback.