Dev Update 0.03


  • Local players can only activate once in the local lobby now.
  • Characters will now spawn with correct rotations. Movement rotations have been aligned to world rotations to remove errors from movement in online play.
  • Game will now keep mouse focus.

Online Multiplayer:

  • Alpha server browser functionality added.
  • Alpha quick join functionality added.
  • Alpha Online hosting functionality added.



  • Added flip boards for factory ledge.
  • Changed fountain to remove platform.


  • Reduced Pop Rocket direct damage to 18 (down from 35).
  • Increased Satchel Charge Velocity
  • Pyrogoo no longer slows or damages the caster.


  • Apparition shifts wraith into other plane of existence: Spells will no longer have affect while in wraith form. Speed increase in wraith form reduced to 30% (down from 60%).
  • Reap attack speed reduced. Now deals 18 damage per hit. (Up from 12).

Witch Hunter:

  • Charge bar added to Aimed Shot. Now does damage scaled with a charge duration of 2 seconds.
  • Quick shot now has correct spell collisions.
  • Increased Lasting Strike radius to 200 (up from 160).