Dev Update 0.04

New Features:

  • Loading screen has been implemented for server travel and map changes.
  • Ultimates have been added. Several characters have had their ultimate abilities activated. The Ultimate Pie will enable these characters to activate the abilities.
  • Character animations have been updated for better quality animations while moving.
  • Kill Feed visual update.
  • Players can now select their character via the icons on the character select screen.
  • Players are able to join games mid match as spectators and will be added to the game next time the match restarts.
  • Player frames will now correctly update cooldowns for clients.


  • Player colours will stay static throughout an entire match and are the correct colours.
  • UI Tweaks.
  • Improvements to mouse aiming code.
  • Changes to the aiming system for mouse controls. Aiming should now be more intuitive.


  • Added Alchemist playable character.


  • Updated animation system to reduce errors.


  • Removed donut mechanic from Wall of the Damned. The spell will now affect anyone within its range. Reduced slow to 40% (was 70).


  • Hit reactions will no longer interrupt Sanguine Whirlwind animations.

Witch Hunter:

  • Updated character model and new animations.
  • Updated ability visuals.