Dev Update 0.05


  • Added Countdown timer at the start of the match.
  • Camera Tweaks.
  • New spawn particles.
  • More spawn points per map.
  • Fixed double casting of abilities at high latency.
  • Combat text tweaks.
  • Health and speed changes for player classes.
  • Spawning mid match will grant invincibility for 3.5 secs or until am ability is initiated.
  • Emotes fixed, players should now be able to emote on characters that have them.
  • Updates to many character abilities including global cool downs, ability cool downs and ability cast slow speeds.

Local games:

  •  Player ID’s correctly updated.



  • More trees added around the tavern for map edges.


  • Camera will now track sewer explosions before ignition.
  • Significant performance gains.


  • Flask increased hit box.
  • Flask DoT damage will now contribute a kill if it last hits a player.
  • Flask now bounces slightly further.
  • Toxic Gas damage will now contribute a kill if it last hits a player.
  • Toxic Gas no longer blocks projectile spells.
  • Restoration flask now functional. While active restoration flask will mitigate all damage done, instead healing the alchemist for 50% of the damage. Lasts 4 seconds. (Numbers will likely change)
  • Rupture FX updated to match radius of ability.


  • Bounce Bomb will now explode on impact with enemy, dealing 30 radial damage. If bounce bomb explodes with out hitting an enemy it will continue to deal 45 radial damage.
  • Bounce Bomb decal added.


  • Hungering Leap now consumes life force from the target victim, decreasing damage done to the vampire by 50% for 3 seconds.